Have you been dropping your CV on all vacancies and advertisements that you come across, having met at least 80% of the skill and qualifications listed but no response from the potential employers?

Your CV could be letting you down.

We have worked on CVs of top professionals across the nation, giving their CV an appealing and professional touch; tailoring it to meet the requirements of most employers since we have a grasp of the HR environment across the nation’s job market.

Having dealt with dynamic industries, we have a lot of insight when it comes to making yourself outstanding (through the CV writing platform).

Your CV is your marketing tool and it must therefore make you outstanding amongst thousands of candidates.

We charge you depending on the number of years of work experience.

Send your cv to cvwriting@havengoldconsultants.co.ke with the title UPDATE CV

Call us on : 0711 777 025



  1. We help you maintain your relevance in the constantly changing and dynamic job market with competitive industries/Fields
  2. We tailor your CV to sell/market you by highlighting your qualifications, skills, achievements and expertise
  3. We professionally design your CV so as to attract potential employers
  4. We help you to become competitive and start getting interviews


Visit our offices at  View Park Towers or email us on cvwriting@havengoldconsultants.co.ke

Send your old cv to cvwriting@havengoldconsultants.co.ke and pay via mpesa pay bill

Our HR Consultancy team will study and review your CV and professionally design its presentation and to the details; making your NEW CV appealing to potential employers.

We automatically add your updated CV to our database thus giving our customers a first priority for new job openings from our clients.

Select a package from the list below:

With less than 1 year or no experience
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One to five years experience
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More than five years experience
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